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Wolf Blitzer: The NSA’s NSA surveillance scandal

Wolf Blitzer: The NSA's NSA surveillance scandal

The day Roger Federer couldn’t stop laughing at CNN correspondent’s Spanish phrases, in order to prove to American viewers this wasn’t all a big joke, we now know that this wasn’t all a big joke. After all, Federer did have words of Spanish for CNN’s cameraman, and the cameraman told CNN that Federer is “bien en España.” But, we have the other side of the story. [….] In the end, what can be said about that incident is that the more that CNN reporter gets into the act with the Spaniards, the more the public is going to take it seriously. And the more the public is going to take this whole thing very seriously, the more it’ll have a knock-on effect on people not just in Spain but across Europe and around the world. [….] “La historia es siempre al revés”. This is not an issue of the media becoming the media. This is an issue of the media becoming a reflection of the society it serves to a greater and greater extent.

Might be one of the most important stories of the year: the United States government’s apparent acquiescence to the NSA domestic spying program. [….] In the wake of the NSA surveillance scandal that has shaken the foundations of US democracy, it is perhaps appropriate that CNN’s political commentator Wolf Blitzer is one of the prime movers in the campaign to defend the president of the United States. [….] In an effort to explain the origins of President Obama’s recent statement to the UN that no American president had ever seen “the like of what we were seeing,” Wolf Blitzer noted, “I think it was a pretty remarkable statement to make when you consider that, as an intelligence agency, what was being said is that no president, not even John F. Kennedy, had ever seen exactly what we were seeing — that they had never seen the kind of surveillance that we were seeing.” [….] As Blitzer noted, this was not simply a statement made in anger: “This was a statement made in recognition that what was happening, what we had been doing for years,

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