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Why I’m Voting for Elizabeth Warren

Why I’m Voting for Elizabeth Warren

Editorial: President Biden is using Title 42 against Venezuelans. That’s cowardly policymaking.

President Obama is using the Patriot Act to spy on Trump. That will get him in trouble.

This is one of the reasons I am voting for Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 general election. But not because I think she’s a Democrat. No, because I think she is smart and will make an excellent president. But here’s why: She understands that the US Constitution was designed to avoid tyranny. She knows that the Framers did not want to get into a war. And she recognizes that the greatest threat to America in the modern day is not Russia, China, or Iran, but our own government.

The current political environment makes this particularly salient. The Trump presidency is not the presidency of the US government as it exists today. And there’s no telling when it will change. The Trump presidency gives American liberals a terrible political headache. It’s a headache they have every time Trump calls out the media and says he believes what he sees on Twitter.

So far, Trump-led Republicans have been more than willing to give up their traditional conservative principles and embrace the radical right; the Trump administration has done more than its predecessors to promote the most radical right-wing ideology of the past century.

The result is a political landscape in which all the major parties – at least the center-left ones – are now indistinguishable (except for the occasional difference between Bernie Sanders on the left and Elizabeth Warren on the right).

The only remaining question is who will emerge as the party of the center? The current Democratic candidates can’t even agree on terms to describe Donald Trump’s policies, let alone come up with a coherent alternative agenda. Most of all, they can’t agree on how to make America great again.

For Elizabeth Warren, the question has to do not with ideology, but pragmatism. “For me, what matters is that every decision I make as president will be based on what I think is right for the country,” she says at a rally in Detroit. “What matters is what

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