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Why I Don’t Vote for Mark Kirk

Why I Don’t Vote for Mark Kirk

Letters to the Editor: Rep. Mike Garcia should be sorry for a lot more than his ‘Third Reich’ comment.

Tuesday, September 26, 2012

Here is the problem with the “Third Reich” statement: “I’m proud to have voted for him in the past.”

Let’s be honest–after eight years, I’ve given up on this guy. When I’m elected to represent the district next door to Congressman Mark Kirk, I’m going to win over a lot of voters–many who never voted for him anyway, who will realize that they have no reason to vote for a congressman who has been so thoroughly out-negotiated and out-maneuvered.

I’m probably going to lose some of those votes. But by that time, there will be no one left in Congress who will defend the rights of illegal aliens in the United States to vote.

In addition, every single illegal alien who votes for a Republican president in November will be a vote against making the United States our home.

That’s why these people are “illegals,” and should be deported immediately.

I have no problem making that argument, and I’d like to have a debate on the matter with Representative Garcia, but that’s never going to happen. He’ll just tell me to fuck off.

Why not? He has no way of winning the argument. I don’t have a chance. His voters don’t vote for me, either.

His voters don’t vote for him because they don’t agree with his values. It’s very simple.

Mark Kirk is a true conservative. He is pro-life. He is pro-traditional marriage. He is pro-life. He is pro-marriage.

It is very simple. If we are going to change politics in Washington, we have to change who is on Congress.

If I am going to win my party’s nomination for governor, I am going to have to convince Republican voters in my district that the way I am running for governor is the way they should run. But I’m not going to win over Republican voters if I keep doing things that people don’t want to do. I�

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