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What You Need to Know About the North Carolina Republican Primary

What You Need to Know About the North Carolina Republican Primary

North Carolina in-person early voting kicks off Thursday in two weeks. The primaries are June 7 — but voters can vote in-person at any day between now and the election on Nov. 6. In-person voting is free, and each ballot can be cast by anyone.

Here’s what you need to know about the North Carolina Republican primary:

Republican primary dates are due Thursday

On the same day voters across the country go to the polls to choose their Presidential nominee, we’re getting the North Carolina primary a little late.

On primary day, the state Republican Party must officially announce the date and time for the state’s primary election.

The state GOP is not required to use a specific day, but the committee opted for Thursday, June 7.

Republicans hold their primary elections every four years. That means this year’s will fall on the second Friday in June.

If the state is held to a special date — June 7 or another Tuesday — then it’s not legal to vote on election day in North Carolina.

Voters in-person early voting begins Thursday

Voters in North Carolina can choose their county in-person voting day by Thursday after the election.

The first person to cast a ballot in the primary is the person who cast the first ballot.

That person needs to be present in the voting precinct before the polls close at 4 p.m. on June 7.

If someone is not present in the voting precincts on that day, they must provide the County Election Commission with the information needed to update their voter registration.

The commission is allowed to extend that deadline two additional days through June 10.

Polling locations in-person early voting will open at 11 a.m. Thursday and close at 3 p.m.

If people have not voted and the elections office has not received the information needed to update the voter registration in North Carolina, a new person needs to be added as the second voter on the ballot.

Then the county committee will use the information they’ve received to create a new ballot for the new voter.

Voters also can submit new voter registration information using the Web site VoterHub.

In-person early voting lasts three days, and the state is allowed two more days

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