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What I Thought I Knew About Political Campaigns

What I Thought I Knew About Political Campaigns

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As the nation awaits the results of Tuesday’s presidential election, I’d like to offer some observations, observations from a professional political novice, about candidates and campaign tactics that I have recently observed firsthand. And, of course, there is much you don’t know about these candidates or campaigns!

Here’s what I thought I knew about political campaigns:

A campaign is a series of debates—and the voters decide each week who is the winner and who the loser;

A campaign has winners, losers, and a lot of mediocrity;

The best campaigners are usually the ones who are able to win—in an individual contest, for a political party, or even a city or state;

Campaigns are like marriage—only not as exciting;

Candidates are chosen for their ability and personal connections to make the necessary personal connections—not their ability or personal connections;

Candidates do not have secrets. They show us who they are. We decide who we like.

My observations of political campaigns are incomplete and biased. For example, I do not include public opinion polls as part of my campaign observations, though they are part of the public debates. And while I have participated in almost 30 campaigns thus far, I do not make campaign decisions based on public polling.

This is because polls are biased; they are often wrong; and they will not help me make decisions. For example, a public poll suggests that Hillary Clinton could win; but after I see a candidate for the presidency, I am usually able to see a much better candidate who is not only better, but a better choice, if one is available.

So, let me offer my observations about campaigns. Here are my personal observations about politics.

1. A candidate is a winner. A political campaign is a series of debates, and each debate is usually about who is the winner and who the

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