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Thierry Mugler’s Eyeglasses

Thierry Mugler’s Eyeglasses

Thierry Mugler: Nothing Is Ever Too Extreme

It’s been a while since we got to see a performance from Thierry Mugler – one that’s been made all of the more poignant by the passing of his daughter, Eva. You may not have encountered Mugler’s name before, but this will make you want to check your bookshelf and grab something from your vast collection of French fashion history. Because if Thierry Mugler had a daughter, she would have been the coolest girl in the world.

A French man who’s become one of the most prolific and celebrated couturiers of our generation, Thierry Mugler, age 65, is known for being the ultimate style icon and a figure who’s been the epitome of everything from art and fashion to art and fashion.

We were fortunate enough to get an opportunity to chat briefly with Thierry Mugler who kindly let us sit down with him for a quick Q&A session.

The first thing people who meet Thierry Mugler tend to notice is his trademark glasses. And while they may seem like very strange lenses for a man who’s best known for creating one of the world’s most iconic fashion looks, it’s actually very important. It’s his ‘secret’ way of getting a look that he thinks is perfect for wearing or, in a simpler time, just looking. It’s a bit more nuanced than what you might be thinking, though, and is a look he has always attempted to perfect over the years.

It’s easy to look at Thierry Mugler’s style iconography, and just try to decipher what he was talking about, with regard to his glasses. But to him, it’s nothing more than a way of expressing his creative vision through his creations – which he has created over the years.

And that vision is what we find to be the most inspiring and powerful part about Mugler

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