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The Walt Disney Co. Is Not a Major Player in the World of Entertainment

The Walt Disney Co. Is Not a Major Player in the World of Entertainment

Key players in the Disney leadership drama

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s fate remains unresolved, but he’s been embroiled in a series of disputes with board members and employees, and there are growing calls for a new board chairman — or even a CEO who will step aside from Iger’s leadership. Here are some of the players who could become key players in the ongoing drama.

Judd L. Harrell

President and chief operating officer of the Walt Disney Co.

The Walt Disney Co. is one of the most publicly traded companies. Its stock is valued at about $72 billion, but its market capitalization is closer to $130 billion. So, to say that Walt Disney is one of the most publicly traded CEOs is a bit of a misnomer. But the question is: What has been the success or failure of this company?

For the past 10 years or so, the success has been that no one cares that much about Disney. And yet, despite its immense wealth and power, it is not a company in a hurry to make the changes that would put it in a position to make the big moves that could lead to significant shareholder value.

Disney has spent much of the past decade investing in new businesses — the latest, the Disney Cruise Line — that could be, to borrow a phrase from the company, “franchises for life.” But it has refused to give up its main asset, the ABC. In some ways, this is the same business strategy as the one it used when the original ABC was sold.

A company that is not a major player in the world of entertainment will not be able to spend its way to great wealth. The first Disney is the one that built the studio. But the second Disney is the one that spent millions of dollars on theme parks and resorts that are now bankrupt and that are hurting the company’s bottom line.

The third Disney has been the one that has never made a deal to sell

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