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The RH Restaurant is a Restaurant and Not a Brand

The RH Restaurant is a Restaurant and Not a Brand

Why Dine at the RH Restaurant, From the Brand Formerly Called Restoration Hardware?

You’ve probably heard about Restoration Hardware. You’ve heard about its restaurant in Brooklyn called the RH Restaurant. You’ve probably heard about its founder, Bill Graham, and his brand of American-gourmet cuisine—everything from the ‘Burg to the burger to wine and craft-beer pairings. But did you know that the RH Restaurant is actually a restaurant and not a brand?

Founded in 1978, RH Restaurant and Bar is now a restaurant with a diverse menu and a menu that pays tribute to the American palate.

A brand as old as Restoration Hardware that has been around for over 20 years is a rare and beloved American brand.

Bill Graham’s “restaurant and bar” is a restaurant that serves American-cuisine cuisine and a beer and wine bar. The original menu served items like the burger, a pork rib sandwich, a lobster roll, a fish fillet catered by chef David Thompson, a grilled cheeseburger, as well as house-made shakes.

The menu grew in the restaurant’s New York City location, which opened in 1976, into a full-blown restaurant.

When Bill Graham closed in 2007, he continued to operate Restoration Hardware in New York, the first of five stores to open. Restoration Hardware’s New York store has now been restored to look almost exactly as it did when Bill Graham opened.

Restoration Hardware stores serve the same classic craft-beer and American-gourmet cuisine that the RH Restaurant serves in Brooklyn. There are two types of stores that serve Bill Graham’s culinary masterpiece, the first being two stores: the RH Restaurant in Brooklyn, and a second store in the suburbs.

The RH Restaurant in Brooklyn is the original building that first opened in 1978. There have been two other locations in Brooklyn, but this is where Bill Graham began his empire. Bill Graham opened the original RH Restaurant in the mid-70s as a part of his partnership with his then girlfriend, Marilyn Jaffe.

In the mid-80s, both partners left. Marilyn Jaffe formed another business with her husband, Bob Jaffe, who was the chief executive of the now-defunct American Eagle Outfitters

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