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The Queen’s Legacy

The Queen's Legacy

Cloud of colonialism hangs over Queen Elizabeth’s legacy in Africa.

The Queen’s words, her actions, and her reputation have long been defined by the fact that she’s an English queen and, more importantly, that the country she was born in is a British colony.

The official English colonial history of Britain has never been a pretty one. The country was a country long before Queen Elizabeth had children. But the country was founded by the British and has been recognized and defended by their leaders for over two centuries. The country, when not fighting wars, has been an international hub of trade and commerce.

The British Empire was the only global empire without an official queen. But Elizabeth is the only British female ever to be crowned queen of that empire.

The Queen’s legacy is built on the fact that she was the first British sovereign to rule as queen over a colonized continent as a direct descendant of the country founded by her people, the British. Of course, the Queen’s relationship with Britain is now much more complicated than any other empire’s relationship with its original mother country. Her country now has an independent and sovereign nation, one that has been fighting for their own independence from the British crown since 1876, one that is now even more internationalized than the United States.

The Queen, like all queens, has a deep connection to her country. She has a deep sense of loyalty to the country she’s come to love and the country that raised her. She has a deeply held belief and respect for the country that saved her life. She is deeply proud of her country.

Of course, this isn’t the only connection the Queen has with her country.

She is also the first female monarch of a country in Africa that won their independence from Britain. She is also the first queen to visit Africa, to the African continent, as a sovereign ruler. She is the first person to ever meet an African monarch.

The Queen knows that the Queen is not just a queen. She is a mother figure to her people. She is also a person who can hold her country accountable. When she was queen, she held a referendum for her people, to tell them how her government would govern. And then she did. Her country listened and now, she has their full support.


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