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The Man Who Built the Middle Class

The Man Who Built the Middle Class

Letters to the Editor: We are a nation of political violence. Thanks, GOP leaders, for giving us a violent party.


Klamath Falls

A new bill would prohibit private gun-hunting licenses from being offered in Oregon. The new bill would also prohibit private gun-hunting licenses from being issued unless the applicants had been in a federal military unit. That’s a pretty clear attempt at turning Oregon into a police state.

The bill would cost $100,000 in funding if it passes. That’s a lot of money to spend for something that would only make Oregon less safe.

A more practical solution would be to close the loophole that allows anyone with a “gun license” from running a private rifle club or gun range without a license.

Instead of allowing gun clubs and ranges to violate Oregon’s gun control laws by selling weapons that the state prohibits carrying, legislators should close the loophole and make it more difficult for people to conceal handguns.

For more news about the gun issue, pick up the current edition of The Register-Guard. It’s just $1 a week.

MORGAN STERN has managed the family real estate business at a time of big changes in our country.

He’s also known as the guy who, after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, declared “Every day is a reminder that we’re at war.”

Stern writes that he wants to “rebuild our economy,” and the “only way we have ever done that as a country is by building the middle class.” What he’s saying is that he’d like us to return to the good old days, when we built a middle class.

He tells us he believes this can be done by lowering taxes on small businesses and encouraging people to “build their own businesses.” If Stern can’t even figure out how to say we should build the middle class, how would he ever manage to do it?

Stern wants to turn Oregon into a “smart state,” but he doesn’t know what that means.

We have

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