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The Great Acceleration of the Global Warming Crisis

The Great Acceleration of the Global Warming Crisis

Op-Ed: Hurricane Ian and the coming climate crash

As we all know, Hurricane Andrew’s rampage during the summer of 1992 was the catalyst that set into motion a series of events that would ultimately lead to a great “Global Warming” crisis that many would later call “the Great Acceleration.”

The hurricane flooded South Florida with water and damaged homes before making landfall in Alabama. It was the first major hurricane to hit the Florida coast in decades, and caused widespread destruction with more than $500 million in damage.

Andrew was devastating. It was historic. Andrew marked the first time an all-out tropical cyclone had ripped through Florida all year-round. The record-breaking storm was on par with or more powerful than the Category 5 hurricanes that had been wreaking havoc in the Eastern U.S. during the hurricane season up to that point. And it was devastating.

And yet, the media, and especially the left wing of the Democratic Party, went into full panic mode. As much as Andrew was a tragedy, it was also an opportunity for the media to further call for the nation to accept the very notion of global warming and abandon fossil fuels…that is, until the media completely lost control of its narrative.

As we all know, Andrew’s unprecedented storm surge flooded the Miami area from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic. It had not been done since the devastating Hurricane Andrew of 1900, when Hurricane Agnes flooded much of South Florida. And the storm surge flooded the Keys.

The storm surge that Andrew created was far greater than that of Agnes. Agnes flooded the entire state of Florida, but Andrew flooded much more of South Florida. If Andrew had hit the South Florida Keys (at a minimum), it would have been an even greater storm surge and it could have been a much more catastrophic disaster.

Andrew’s fury was so widespread, that it was dubbed the “Andrew Effect” or Andrew Effect

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