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“The Departed”’s Danny Lloyd is a Powerful Man

“The Departed”’s Danny Lloyd is a Powerful Man

‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner, who’s a dad of 7, says he’s ‘like any other parent trying to figure it out’ after his wife’s sudden death

There’s a scene in “The Departed” where Danny Lloyd (Robert De Niro) orders his underling to retrieve the body of convicted killer John Gotti (Frank Vincent, in a small role) from the lobby of a hotel.

“You know where the elevator is?” asks Lloyd. “No,” answers his man.

“You kidding?” says Lloyd. “Just follow that body.”

The scene took place in “The Departed” (Columbia), but that’s not the only instance in which Lloyd is calling out to De Niro to do his bidding. He’s also willing to have his men call out “Follow me!” as he heads out the door.

Lloyd and his men have been through too much together over the years to have forgotten the power of his words or his character.

“This is such an important part of what I do,” Lloyd told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s what you do.”

Lloyd’s work is an essential part of “The Departed,” an action-thriller starring Kevin Costner as a corrupt ex-cop who is trying to build his reputation again after serving prison time. In addition, Costner plays an ex-detective (Sam Shepard, “Big,” “The Wire”) who is investigating the death of a detective (Michael K. Williams, “Fargo”) that occurred in the case.

In the course of the film, Lloyd, Costner and De Niro find themselves in the thick of a dangerous and ruthless criminal enterprise.

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On the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival, Costner, who’s a father of seven, offered that he’d been in an emotional tailspin at the loss of his wife of 30 years, Barbara, who died suddenly in February of 2011. Costner said he was dealing with the grief of the loss of his wife, his young

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