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The Democratic Party is a Globalist Apparatus

The Democratic Party is a Globalist Apparatus

Top US cyber official says there’s no ‘specific’ threat to elections, but is concerned about harassment and intimidation

By Jonny Hogg

15 June 2017

In the run-up to the July presidential election, both the Democratic and Republican parties have been engaged in an unprecedented level of psychological warfare designed to generate hysteria over a nonexistent “Russian cyber threat.”

The Democratic Party is also seeking to demonize a rival candidate, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, for saying he would have to think about withdrawing from national politics if he does not get a top security job.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), an agency of the party, has put out a “intelligence briefing” for voters and donors, claiming that Moscow—not the US—is responsible for any “Russian interference” in US elections. In reality, the Democratic Party is a globalist apparatus dedicated to the creation of a One World Government, and its chief election strategy is nothing short of an aggressive program of disinformation and psychological warfare.

The DNC has its own propaganda division with a budget of $40 million, directed by the party’s chief campaign strategist, Adam Parkhomenko. It funds a global network of fake leftwing news websites and “fact-check” sites. It also has a media team spread across the United States and is funded by wealthy Democratic donors, including George Soros.

The DNC is also the subject of a congressional investigation, with the aim of exposing their role in “undermining voters’ confidence in the US electoral process” and “discredit[ing] the integrity of the White House race.”

The US intelligence services, including the FBI and National Security Agency (NSA), have repeatedly cited “unfounded concerns” about a Russian plot to influence the outcome of the Russian election. This is despite the fact that the Russian government had nothing to do with the 2016 US presidential election.

The “Russian cyber threat” narrative has been promoted by the US state media organs, particularly the Washington Post, under the direction of the president’s

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