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The craziest response to Elon Musk’s tweets

The craziest response to Elon Musk's tweets

‘RIP Twitter’ and other crazy liberal reactions to Musk’s social media smackdowns – and this week’s new meme

Here’s the thing: There’s no way that Elon Musk should be able to say things that he can’t back up with some kind of evidence and that other people don’t already have on record.

It is a basic requirement of being a leader, a CEO at a tech company or government, or whatever. You have to be in control. And you have to have a level of certainty about your statements.

So, if you are wrong about something, you have to retract that statement. You have to back it up with evidence and explain why you made it. That’s part of being a leader.

And yet, Musk’s tweets about not having a net worth below $10 billion and then having $60 billion of it in the bank, combined with the $100 billion of other assets – including the Tesla shares that he hasn’t declared to the SEC – has led to a massive backlash of people trying to prove that Musk isn’t the billionaire he’s consistently been represented as. Here are a few interesting responses:


This is definitely the craziest on a bunch of the responses so far, and perhaps the most interesting. It’s essentially a meme of the “We should ban Musk from twitter” theme. I guess it makes a point about why the people attacking Musk are wrong. It’s more like this:

Elon Musk is a brilliant inventor who made an incredible company from an idea. And that company is doing very well today, while people who have been around his company say, well, yes he is a genius, but he has also made mistakes over the years and they are very hard to come out from the company. I am confident that Tesla can still overcome this. Elon Musk could not be more brilliant and he made important mistakes early on in his career.

The idea is that Musk isn’t rich because he’s lazy and didn’t build that wealth himself, but Musk’s critics have had it wrong for years and now they’re calling him a genius.

It’s the classic “The sky is blue, but the horses that pull the cart are dead” thing – except that Musk doesn’t actually think that way, he knows that he’s a brilliant guy but that doesn’t mean he’s not doing dumb things. This is what makes his critics look stupid. He says no one’s ever proven that

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