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The California Congressional District 13 Primary: Who Will Win?

The California Congressional District 13 Primary: Who Will Win?

Your guide to the California Congressional District 13 race: John Duarte vs. Adam Gray

John Duarte has one of the toughest paths to victory in the California Congressional District 13 contest.

Duarte needs to pick up a significant chunk of support from the Latino vote to become California’s next U.S. Representative. He would also need to overcome the formidable challenge of a Democratic primary challenger by Adam Gray, a businessman who is being backed by former San Francisco Supervisor Michael Huffington who has announced his campaign.

The race to succeed Congressman Ed Royce, who won his primary with 49.5% in February, is likely to become one of the most closely watched contests in California in 2015.

With the primary over, the campaign begins. Who will have the energy to take on the job of representing District 13 in Washington, D.C.?

Duarte: There’s no question that John is the incumbent here and he has made a lot of progress. He’s a champion for the Latino community. I do think he’s going to have to face a formidable challenge, but I think John can go toe to toe with him. It is going to be a big race.

Gray: I would like to challenge him in the Democratic primary. I think he’s out of touch. I think he does not understand immigrants. I think he’s out of touch with the needs of the community. If he wants to go to Washington, there are more than two million people who call this district home and they should have a representative who supports their issues.

Who do you believe has the best shot at beating or at least exceeding Royce’s result in the primary?

Duarte: I think they will beat him. He can’t come back from the primary, though. He has to win the general election.

Gray: I think my campaign is going to be much better than his campaign. I’m going to come from the grassroots. I’m going to bring my experience. I’m going to have more money. I’m going to have a better organization. And I’m going to have great endorsements. I think I will be the stronger candidate than he is.

You and John make opposing positions on immigration reform

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