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The Art of Living and Dying

The Art of Living and Dying

How Online Ceramics Keeps Its Cool

“I’m pretty sure that if we had a website, it would have been filled with pictures of our ceramic pots and pans and bowls, but we do not have such a website and we are too busy and too many pots to show pictures on a site that would be filled with our pots.” – Susan D.

“There are two ways of keeping cool: by living at the temperature that will allow you to sleep well at night and also by taking care of yourself by having the proper food, drink, and shelter. By doing the two things, you keep yourself cool, and have a chance of making the weather in your house temperate.” – A. G. Huxley

“The average person is a small, insignificant person. The average person cannot do the things a real professional can. The average person cannot do enough housework to keep a family of five out of financial disaster. The average person can’t be as well prepared if something happens to someone in his family. – Charles Dickens

“I don’t know about your world, but here in the United States we eat more than double the amount of vegetables recommended by the USDA, and we consume more than twice the amount of meat recommended by the US Army. In addition we are not even a quarter the way there with our consumption of fruit and grains. And on top of all that we take in about three times as much sugar as recommended by the USDA!” – Tom D.

“I believe in living and dying. I am not afraid to die. Not afraid of death. I think life is short and time is very important. It is never too late to stop and enjoy the present. – David S.

“Why, then, are so many women in such a hurry to have children? Why is it that men are forced to marry young, and often even young women, simply because they have the money to do so? Why do so many women rush into marriage when they already have too much baggage and obligations ahead of them? Why do we so often have so many children who are born unwanted

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