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Texas Democrats Celebrate Re-election Win

Texas Democrats Celebrate Re-election Win

Texas Re-elects Abbott as Governor, Rejecting O’Rourke

Texas Democrats are celebrating a re-election victory after Republican Ted Cruz was narrowly defeated for governor by the Democrat, Greg Abbott. “Democrats picked up their strongest statewide victories since the 1980s,” said Dallas Democratic Party Chair Josh Burcham, “It is time we stood up for America, not the liberal elites.”

“Democrats will never stop fighting to get Texas back on the right side of history,” Burcham concluded. “The conservative Texas legislature will continue to pursue common sense initiatives to make Texas a pro-life state, and fight to protect the right to life for the unborn.”

We are on the road now to Austin, Texas. We are going to meet with Texas elected officials and ask them some very important questions.

We are here today to talk to Greg Abbott and other elected officials about two things. First, are Texans ready to re-elect our Governor? This is the most important question of all.

And second, are we ready for a Democratic governor? There are so many reasons that this question has to be asked. It’s time we have a Democratic governor of Texas. It’s time we have a governor who is pro-life and pro-gun. It’s time we have a Governor who will stand up for women’s rights and affordable health care. And it’s time we have a governor who will stand up to the establishment and lead a resistance to Donald Trump.

First, we want to talk about Greg Abbott and Texas electeds’ support for the wall:

Texas Republican Party chairwoman Mary Kay Henry, recently interviewed on Newsmax TV, said that she supports the wall, and added, “Texas needs a strong wall between us and Mexico.”

State Senator Jane Nelson, who lost the Democratic primary runoff for U.S. Senate in Texas, also said that she would support a wall.

State Representative Marc Veasey, who represented a district in North Texas,

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