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Serena Williams: What is her most important secret?

Serena Williams: What is her most important secret?

Serena Williams has done it all in tennis, but there’s so much more to come!

Serena Williams is a world-class athlete and an icon in the world of sports, but she isn’t just a player, she’s more than a great tennis player. She’s a visionary and she has been a major inspiration to a generation of young athletes. From her tennis roots in the ’90s, where she’s had the most winning streaks, to her commitment to the Olympics and her life in health and wellness, Serena has become more than just a tennis star. More than just a sports figure. More than the one who could probably win a tennis match any day. The ‘Serena’ persona, she has been very honest about the pressure she has faced throughout her career, from her parents’ expectations for her, to the pressure of playing tennis against the best players. Her journey has been very unique. Serena has grown from a young girl into a world-class athlete, and she’s taken that to such an amazing level. This season, she will be competing in the 2016 London Olympics. But despite the Olympics, she’ll be playing some other events. And there will be some other events she has yet to compete in. This doesn’t mean that she’s out of the game. She’s just had a huge season, and still has more goals to reach.

We talked to Serena about a lot of things, but we really wanted to ask about a great secret she holds close to her heart…

It seems like there’s so much she could tell us, but I thought it would be about the most exciting question we could ask.

Serena, can you share with us what your most important secret is?

Sure! I’m a huge sports fan. I think it’s a very normal thing to be a huge sports fan. Everyone is a fan of something at some point, right? Everyone wants to know something about the game. And I think it seems like the most natural thing to

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