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Romney’s Pennsylvania campaign is preparing to stump in support of Obama

Romney’s Pennsylvania campaign is preparing to stump in support of Obama

Oz to Rally With Trump in Pennsylvania on Saturday

With the Pennsylvania primary just three weeks away, the candidates are taking to the road to rally their support in key counties.

Republican Rick Santorum is making stops in Chester County, Bucks County, and Lebanon County, while Mitt Romney traveled to York County.

The goal of Santorum’s campaign is to reach more voters in Pennsylvania than Romney’s. It also aims to rally conservative independents who have been reluctant to back Romney in his state.

On the other side of the equation, Santorum hopes to win the white working class voters who made him the first GOP presidential candidate to win a majority in the polls since 1972.

Romney has done as well as can be expected in his bid for the nomination. He has the support of the Republican National Committee and the Republican establishment, but that is where his support is limited. For his part, Santorum has built an organization that is able to draw on the evangelical Christian network through millions of dollars in advertising.

So far, Santorum is leading the campaign into the general election match-ups, with Romney in a distant third.

On Saturday night, Santorum will hold a rally for his supporters in York, Pa. His main rival, Governor Romney, will be in Harrisburg at the same time to stump in support of incumbent President Obama.

Romney’s campaign has chosen his strategy carefully and they’re hoping their strategy will be successful.

“If you’re going to go into a general election, you’ve got to have a good turnout here in York County and throughout Pennsylvania,” said Republican consultant Mike DuHaime.

DuHaime said Romney believes Pennsylvania is “in a battle to the death” and he wants to be ready to make the case that the president has failed to provide the tax relief that voters need. Romney’s Pennsylvania campaign is working on a series of rallies for conservative voters to show that Obama has been a failure on the economy.

On the other hand, the Romney campaign is aware that there is a lot of attention being paid to Santorum’s campaign and that the campaign is hoping

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