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Randall Emmett-Brown Emails Amanda Childers

Randall Emmett-Brown Emails Amanda Childers

Ambyr Childers seeks restraining order against ex-husband Randall Emmett-Brown and their son Emmett Childers

by Paul B. Glader, III

Sometime in mid-May 2017, Randall Emmett-Brown, former pastor of the Cross Creek Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, began emailing Amanda Childers, a fellow minister who had been his wife since 2010.

According to screenshots of the emails, he began the communication by telling her that “as a father you have a responsibility to raise your children.” He also warned Childers that if she continued to be “overly controlling” and insisted on the use of “abusive” tactics, he would “be forced to move out of the home and raise my son without financial assistance from you.” In an email dated May 23, after the couple had separated for the first time, he wrote, “I pray that I made my pain public to let you know that I know there is a strong emotional component to our current situation.”

The emails continued for two days.

In some of the emails, Brown is referred to as Randall Emmett-Brown. One, a letter dated May 24, to which Childers responded in a letter dated May 26, includes the phrase, “As of this date I am in charge of the children. Since my separation my husband is not in charge, which I am okay with.”

Childers told the Observer her husband is also refusing to pay child support.

“Randall has made it clear to me that he will not give up the financial support of the children for any reason,” she said in an interview.

“The whole situation has been completely abusive. I feel like I am just a pawn in this game,” she said. “I don’t feel like I am a free woman.”

Childers said her

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