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Palestinian Celebrations Continue

Palestinian Celebrations Continue

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The Palestine Post

March 14, 2018

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Israel have been celebrating and celebrating again. The official celebrations are organized by PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction. The celebrations are a response to the UN’s refusal to recognize the state of Palestine and also a response to the U.S. announcement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This is the third time that Abbas has organized such a celebration. The previous Palestinian celebrations were also organized by Abbas.

The Palestinian celebrations are intended to highlight the Palestinian claim of the city of East Jerusalem as East Jerusalem that was occupied by Israel in 1967. The celebrations also commemorate the death of the Jordanian King Hussein, who was killed in 1948 by Israeli forces. This commemoration is intended to remind Israelis of the day Israel was created.

On Thursday, the celebrations continued, led largely by Abbas’ Fatah faction to build support and support for the Palestinian claim that the capital of Palestine should be the city of East Jerusalem. This claim has been the subject of long debate.

It is worth noting that Abbas is no longer the leader of the Fatah factions that organized the previous celebrations. He is the incumbent leader of the factions.

However, this celebration is not only about Abbas and Fatah, but about the entire Palestinian leadership. The celebrations are meant to build support for the claim that the capital of Palestine should be in a city that was occupied by Israel in 1967. The celebration is also meant to build support for the claim that the city of Jerusalem should be the capital of the state of Palestine.

The celebrations continue. Abbas has even received congratulatory messages from Arab leaders.

Yesterday, Abbas received congratulatory messages from Jordan and other Arab leaders. Abbas also received congratulatory messages from Egypt.


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