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Nigerian singer Davido was found dead at his Lagos residence with a gunshot wound to the head

Nigerian singer Davido was found dead at his Lagos residence with a gunshot wound to the head

Police question nanny of Nigerian music star Davido following death of his three-year-old son

By Andrew Davies

16 July 2018

Nigerian music star and singer Davido was found dead at his residence in Lagos on Tuesday with a gunshot wound to the head, which, according to the police, was not suicide. His son was found unharmed by his nanny, who was later arrested.

Davido, along with his three-year-old son, were found dead at his Lagos residence on Tuesday morning. Davido, 36, had been shooting interviews in Nigeria’s biggest markets on Monday. The boy was not present during the interview and was not home when the police arrived to the scene.

The singer was in the midst of two separate interviews in the first of which he had discussed the possibility of recording his next album together with music producer, Krayzie.

The second interview was in response to an article by a journalist in the DailyTrust, which had quoted Davido saying, “I’m doing it with the help of a music producer. The song is not finished yet. I don’t know when I’ll release it.” The reporter had also quoted Davido as confirming that his son, who is autistic, was no stranger to hearing strange things.

Davido’s bodyguard and the reporter, who was not identified by the media, were the first to arrive at the scene. The second was the Lagos police contingent.

The bodyguard informed the police that the nanny of the boy had told him that she had shot her newborn son because she had heard noises in the house that she did not like. According to the bodyguard, the nanny had gone into the bedroom to do her business and when she later came out, Davido “started to play with her.”

After the nanny had left the house, “a gunshot was heard. The bodyguard said he did not see the suspect. But, within 20 minutes, Davido’s bodyguard returned, called police and said, ‘There’s a dead body in the bedroom,’ and then said, ‘She shot and killed the boy.’ The bodyguard then left the scene. The police then entered the house… and found Davido dead with a gunshot wound to the head.”

“Police have confirmed that

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