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Netflix’s Q3 Quarterly Report

Netflix’s Q3 Quarterly Report

Some good news for Netflix, with subscriber gains in the third quarter of 2018 that are a full 35,000 new members.

Netflix is at an all-time high because of growth in both domestic and international markets. The US is growing by 400,000 members. And there have been double-digit growth in territories like Canada, Israel, Spain, and more. It isn’t a big surprise.

There are more international markets to grow in. And international growth has been quite strong. The year to date has been strong, with 39 percent growth year-over-year in global growth. It is a good sign for Netflix, especially since the company is just starting to gain some footing in the international market.

The current second quarter was relatively solid in Q2. Net subscriber gains were up by 38,000 from the previous quarter. Netflix added more than 1 mil US subscribers, and its international growth was strong too — adding close to 581,000 members in Q2.

More good news for Netflix is that international growth is accelerating — it is doubling in the current quarter.

Netflix is adding a new, international territory every month. It is the fastest growing territory Netflix has added to in four years, and there have been 14 new additions in the past 12 weeks alone.

International growth was also strong in the third quarter, up by 43 percent year-over-year. Netflix added close to 150,000 subscribers.

The only growth in Q3 that was not a 100 percent gain was in international markets. Netflix just lost 100,000 members to South Korea, a country that had been very strong for Netflix, and Netflix had been growing very strongly there for three years.

The Netflix growth was coming at the expense of other countries. It went without saying that Netflix lost money for the third quarter. But that was an unusually high quarter for Netflix, with Q3 losing $1 billion US, a $1 billion loss.

But Netflix was able to turn that loss into a profit in Q4. When

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