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Nancy Pelosi’s latest ad hits GOP’s own conservative wing

Nancy Pelosi’s latest ad hits GOP’s own conservative wing

Calmes: GOP, spare us the bothsides-ism when it comes to the Pelosi attack ad

posted at 9:40 am on August 23, 2014 by Ed Morrissey

The “both sides” of the Pelosi attack ad debate has gone on for months. But it seems as though the GOP finally managed to bring the both sides back together and get over the hump in terms of showing that they’ll do no more of their usual smearing and “gotcha” tactics.

After all, it’s not like the Democratic party has ever made the media any less eager to demonize Republicans, which is why it’s always the latter who run the smear campaigns. But the latest ad from the party’s House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, hits another sore spot — the GOP’s own conservative wing.

A new ad out from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), is hitting him on his pro-choice voting record and his support for the “Affirmative Action” plank in his party’s 2012 platform.

Pelosi’s ad is the latest salvo from the Democratic minority leader in response to a new ad from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor which claims that the GOP majority leader supported giving preferential treatment to white people and men in his leadership position.

“I’m proud that Eric Cantor supported the ‘affirmative action’ plank in the 2012 election platform, and is the first House Republican leader to propose ‘affirmative action’ legislation,” Pelosi said. “And to suggest that Eric Cantor is a conservative is beyond the worst case scenario. It has no basis in fact.”

“When Republicans in the majority and the majority whip in the Congress say that they want to fix our immigration system and that they want to fix our education system and give back to the American people, and our families, we’re all for it,” Pelosi added. “But, the people

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