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Nadal says he will have twins in 2018

Nadal says he will have twins in 2018

Rafael Nadal says he and his family are ‘very well’ after birth of first child

Rafael Nadal says he and his family are’very well’ after the birth of his first child.

The tennis star and his wife, Mirka Dikic, are expecting twins.

The 29-year-old said last month he was’very happy’ about becoming ‘father of twins’ and hoped it would be ‘the most complicated experience’.

‘It’s more than I’m capable of. I’m not sure I’m capable of having a second child,’ he said.

Dikic added: ‘We are very happy with our pregnancy. I’m really happy with the little baby, and very happy with my pregnancy.’

Mirka, who has two children from a previous relationship, is pregnant with her first baby and Nadal plans to have the twins this time.

‘I’ll have another year to prepare for my next pregnancy,’ he said on Monday night during a press junket in Miami to promote his upcoming clay court tournaments.

‘I’m going to have my second child in 2018. And, if it’s a girl, she will be the first girl to come from my first child.

‘When it first happened, I knew that God wanted me to have a second child. I’m very happy about that.

‘I’ll have to be patient, I have to be patient. I’m sure of it. We’re going to have a beautiful baby in 2018.’

Nadal said there are’many things awaiting me’, but one which he will take with him for the rest of his life – his mother.

‘My father passed away five years ago. I know that I’ll miss him very much because he was my closest friend and one of my greatest influences,’ Nadal said.

‘But I have no fears, I’m going to be better. I’ll be more and more patient. He’ll be here with me in my mind.’

Nadal’s paternal grandfather died when he was 15 weeks old.

He said that ‘there are good moments and bad moments

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