Author: Jeffrey CEO Chris Wilson sent an email to employees warning against Texas law CEO Chris Wilson sent an email to employees warning against Texas law

Why the C.E.O. Behind and Tinder Took a Stand on the Texas Abortion Law — and Won!

Last week, the U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ruled that the Texas law banning late-term abortions — passed in the wake of an unspeakable horror in the summer of 2005, where a woman went to the emergency room at two in the morning, bleeding profusely, but was left there with no pain medication to ease her suffering — was unconstitutional.

On Tuesday, C.E.O. Chris Wilson sent an email to employees of the dating website and the social networking site Tinder, warning against the Texas law.

Wilson noted the company’s policy against “sexual discrimination” and added, “I am personally committed to a company culture built on inclusivity. We do not condone, condone or support conduct that is antithetical to equality and diversity on any basis. We have a responsibility to uphold the values that our employees and customers hold dear.”

The email went on to say the company “has the right to defend our company and its culture from all forms of discrimination – real and imagined. We have every right to ensure that a business environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all people. We believe that Texas and our employees will have the opportunity to create a new standard in business for themselves.”

Wilson concluded with a quote from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: “I don’t know how it is to be hated, but to stand up and be counted is to stand up for something more than you are used to and more than you deserve.”

In response, and Tinder CEO Sean Rad said that Wilson’s email was “an overreaction.” And after Wilson’s email was leaked to the press, Rad added: “I’ve never met Chris Wilson, and the idea that he could somehow know anything about me personally or that I would hold any form of prejudice against him is absurd.”

We caught up with Rad to find out more about his company’s response.

Tell us about’s response to Wilson’s email.

There are two parts to the original email, but the most important part came in the middle. We have a policy that says in part: “ welcomes and encourages people who share our core beliefs, values, personal stories and interests.” In the original

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