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MassMobility Partners With Wealthsimple to Develop and Validate the E-Pass Platform

MassMobility Partners With Wealthsimple to Develop and Validate the E-Pass Platform

Wealthsimple secures access for upcoming real-time-rail payment system, enabling access to passengers with an E-Pass at any station in the fleet.

“We are very excited to partner with U.S. company Wealthsimple to develop and validate the innovative solution for the mass transit industry,” said Kevin Sullivan, CEO & Co-Founder of MassMobility. “We are confident that the solution will be a huge asset to our mass transit industry.”

The upcoming E-Pass System is a full-featured card system for mass transit that will be part of the future system. It will allow users to ride Metro, bus, rail, and M2M (e.g. on the Green Line) without the need for an Oyster card and will provide customers with payment services to buy a bus ticket or a rail ticket, as well as providing access to rail and mass transit information.

A fully functional E-Pass Platform is envisioned to be a fully integrated transit platform for mobile access to mass transit, including E-Pass access to the platforms, on-boarding, on-boarding process and the ability to get a user account, as well as payment for mass transit services.

In the near term, the team is focused on developing and testing the E-Pass platform with a wide variety of tests to validate its operation and performance, as well as providing insights into end-user behavior, to create a data-driven solution for the mass transit industry and to ensure the E-Pass platform can be used by MassMobility for both the mass transit industry as well as for other organizations – including universities and colleges.

What the team is working on now

The team is currently developing and validating the E-Pass platform for the mass transit industry.

A number of tests have been performed at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Academy (MTLA), where different aspects of the E-Pass platform have been tested to evaluate how user interaction with the E-Pass platform may change depending on the way that the E-Pass platform is designed.

Results of the first test were presented at the Transportation Innovation Forum 2018, where it was also discussed with students who participated

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