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Kanye West’s New, Relaxed Look is a Good Sign

Kanye West's New, Relaxed Look is a Good Sign

Kanye West returns to Instagram, says he lost $2 billion in one day

In the days since Kanye West went public with his plans to leave his label for his own label, his Instagram account has been flooded with photos of a more relaxed, care-free-looking West, who seems to be getting more love from his fans and critics. There’s also a lot of photos of his wife Kim Kardashian West — who appears to be having fun alongside him and his entourage — and plenty of new and old West family members.

In the past few years, West has been posting photos of himself relaxing and enjoying himself and his family in his home in Los Angeles. The first image to break through the Instagram photo bubble was that of him and his wife in a beach house in Malibu, a place in which they’d spent a fair amount of time in the past year.

After a week of public silence, he’s finally returned to his social media accounts.

“I was working on my new album. For whatever reason, I decided to get my ass kicked in LA this week, and get my money, then come back here and start working on the album,” he wrote in one Instagram post.

West has been posting photos and videos to Instagram and Twitter of himself enjoying himself. The recent addition of the new, more casual look to his photos and videos is a good sign that he is trying to return to the comfortable life he lived before he went public with his plans to make his own label.

This latest version of Kanye West is more relaxed, carefree and more childlike than ever. I like the new side of Kanye West, and I’m pretty sure he likes these images, too. — Dave Grohl (@DaveGrohl) September 13, 2016

Kim Kardashian West has been enjoying herself with Kanye West too. West has been posting pictures of himself on the beach and his daughter North West is in the background enjoying the photo with a big smile on her face.

The new, relaxed look to Kanye West’s Instagram images and videos is a good sign.

Kanye West’s past has been filled with controversy and controversy because of his recent posts about wanting to leave his label and his own “slave

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