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Jude Bellingham defends the right to criticise racism in football

Jude Bellingham defends the right to criticise racism in football

‘Maybe we are alone’: Jude Bellingham questions whether authorities ‘care’ about racist abuse directed at Black footballers

She has come under intense scrutiny as racist taunts have continued by a group calling themselves the Crew

Called the Crew and has been targeted at football matches involving English clubs Chelsea and Tottenham

Their racist abuse has led to calls to sack Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham and Fulham

Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton have also been targeted by their supporters

Calls have been made for the ‘bigots’ to be banned from football matches

Jude Bellingham, a former professional footballer, claims ‘football is all about colour and race’

She has had her say about the latest racial abuse to come to the surface, which has attracted condemnation from football authorities, MPs and police.

And she has questioned whether authorities do care enough about the racial abuse of Black people in England.

Diversity and inclusion officer Jude Bellingham has weighed into the latest abuse, which has been targeted by the ‘Crew’ as well as police and politicians, by way of her own experiences.

She has spoken out in the hope of highlighting racial abuse in football, saying it is ‘all about colour and race’ and that authorities do not seem ‘interested’ when issues surrounding racial abuse are raised.

The abuse comes on the back of two separate incidents this week – one in which a member of the ‘Crew’ was banned from attending Chelsea’s fixture at Stamford Bridge and another in which Tottenham’s fans were banned after racist abuse was aimed at Ben Davies, the Tottenham striker, who has been praised after coming out as gay.

Jude, who played football professionally for seven years including for Liverpool, has said racism is an issue football has to tackle head on.

And she has defended the right to criticise and criticise the racism in football, saying: ‘I think it’s an issue that we need to deal with as a football fan and as a community.’

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Jude Bellingham at West Ham’s training ground

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