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Jay Leno’s recovery will be a little longer

Jay Leno’s recovery will be a little longer

After suffering ‘serious burns’ in his garage, Jay Leno hopes to recover in a few weeks

Jay Leno and his wife, Susan. Their house was destroyed in a brush fire in October. Photo: Michael Grabner/WireImage

It’s been more than six months of recovery for The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno, but this week’s episode of that show proved it will be a little while longer before Leno returns from the hospital where he spent a terrifying week.

Leno’s burned out house in West Hollywood wasn’t the first time Leno had had to cope with smoke. He also suffered burns in his garage when trying to remove a ceiling from a house in Studio City, Calif., in May. But on Wednesday’s broadcast, the comedian learned that he’ll be at home for a little while longer.

“It’s very stressful for Jay to hear from his wife, Susan, every night that his job is really difficult,” Leno said in his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. “It’s tough knowing how he’s doing and everything. It’s a big decision to go ahead with the show. They’ve been in the building for seven weeks. They have to get stuff done.”

While Jay’s health has been a concern for several months, his wife made a decision to keep the comedian at home this week to ensure his recovery. On the show, Leno also announced that after months of surgery and recovery, he will return to work on the show, which is currently in its season finale on Sept. 10.

Jay also revealed that he will have a surgery and will recover in a couple of weeks. “It’s been a real roller coaster for me,” the comic said. “We’re taking a real long time to get back into this thing.”

Here’s a transcript of the show:

Jimmy Fallon: I’ve been very worried about Jay. I haven’t gotten in touch with him as much as I would like, but I’m glad to hear that he sounds great.

Jay Leno: It’s pretty scary when I hear from my wife, Susan, all the time that my job is really difficult. I can�

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