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I Wish I Had Your Courage to Subpoena President Trump

I Wish I Had Your Courage to Subpoena President Trump

Letters to the Editor: Fine, subpoena Trump. Just don’t expect to learn anything.

“I wish I had your courage to subpoena President Trump.”

—Mark Mauer, The Oregonian

To Mark Mauer, the editor of a newspaper that has a circulation of over 400,000, I am honored to have my words chosen for the weekly “Letter to the Editor” section.

Mauer is a fine and brave man who has lived in this great nation and worked for more than 40 years to write his paper and hold those he writes about accountable.

He represents my point of view, and I have not yet been able to persuade him to change his views or his stance against Trump. I’ve tried.

Mauer is a true friend of my country in which I hope one day to be an honored citizen. I hope he is a man who will listen to those who have been in the trenches fighting the good fight, and will not just agree with them but will give them the floor of his newspaper so that they can tell their opinion.

I have not changed my views. I still love my country and wish to see things change for the better.

Just because the president of the United States is not being truthful and straight with the American people, that does not mean we have to agree.

If Americans wish to make change and are sick and tired of all that Trump has done to this nation in just eight months, they are free to do so.

If they wish to see things return to the glory days of our country, they can do so.

The president’s comments today about the FBI investigation and the dossier are an example. The FBI has done their job. There is nothing wrong with their work.

So in that sense it is none of Trump’s business.

But if he says anything in the context of a campaign, then it’s a different story.

Trump, you should be in the headlines.

If you believe that the “dossier” was a secret document by the Hillary Clinton campaign for use against President Trump in the election, then maybe you should be in the headlines. You’re in the headlines now.

If you believe that the FBI ignored warnings about the “dossier

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