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House Republicans’ Midterm Elections Are Going to Play Out in Their Conference All Winter

House Republicans’ Midterm Elections Are Going to Play Out in Their Conference All Winter

Republicans to conduct review after disappointing midterms

(CNN) — House Republicans’ midterm election results are going to play out in their conference all winter, and they will have to do some soul-searching as to how things went so wrong.

On Thursday, the House Republican conference will formally vote on the party’s proposal for the first time in the 2019 congressional session. The votes will come as the House enters its fourth week before the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6.

If the House is unable to pass the plan, the Senate is prepared to act, which would make passing the measure extremely unlikely with Democrats in control of the chamber. The House has until December 9 to pass the legislation, but Republicans will have little choice but to move the legislation before then.

House Republicans will have one last meeting to hash out the differences between their proposal and that offered by Democrats before making their final decisions

Aides and the Speaker of the House, Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), have until Thursday to decide on the details of the plan before it has to be presented to their conference by Friday at which point they would have one more week to make their decision on whether to move forward with it.

If the House passes their bill, it will go to President Donald Trump, who has a hard schedule to deal with on a series of high-stakes issues, including Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the health care fight now threatening several states that joined the Obamacare marketplace.

If the House passes the plan, it would go to Trump, who would then have four days to sign the legislation into law, something that is the general practice after a House vote.

If the Senate votes for the plan — which would only happen if Republicans hold onto six (or more) seats in November — there is no way that it will be signed into law before Christmas. If it falls for a filibuster, the bill would die.

“We are entering a critical

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