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George Lucas’ “Rey: A New Hope” is a new book

George Lucas' "Rey: A New Hope" is a new book

Play Spielberg in a film directed by Spielberg? No pressure! It was announced in February that a movie based on the popular video game series was in the works. With the release of the first Game Of Thrones season seven (which is set to debut early next year), and last year’s Game Of Thrones-themed episode “The Watchers on the Wall,” some fans are getting antsy. Read on for the news on a Game Of Thrones movie, plus details on the show and the video game and much more! [Full Story]

If you’ve ever wondered what George Lucas might have done with a Star Wars prequel, a new novel offers a little window into his mind.

It tells the story of a young girl named Rey, sent to live on a planet that is rumored to have hosted an ancient civilization. On the surface, it looks like it’s the sort of place you might find in a classic sci-fi novel, but when Rey starts to discover things, she realizes that she is visiting a new universe and, eventually, a whole new chapter in Star Wars.

The book, called “Rey: A New Hope” by Emily Barr, was released Wednesday in time for the holidays. To find out about the origins of the tale of Star Wars’ young heroine, read more in the story below.

“Rey: A New Hope” is book one of a two-book series “The Adventures of Rey & the Falcon.” It is written by Emily Barr, the author of the popular Star Wars: Aftermath novellas.

The Star Wars prequels were written by George Lucas.

George Lucas had originally planned to start writing the prequels in the mid-60s. His first screenplay, a “Star Wars” prequel titled “The Empire Strikes Back,” had a script written by George Lucas and Stanley Schmidt. Lucas was then approached by Lucasfilm president Arthur C. Clark, who had wanted Lucas to write the prequels.

Clark’s request prompted Lucas to write the first draft of the “Star Wars” prequel, but he kept the script secret from the studio until the film was ready. This led to a very public argument with his friend and

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