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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Resigns

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Resigns

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This week marked the ninth anniversary of former Fox News anchor and current MSNBC host Chris Wallace’s resignation from his position that he started in 2004.

Wallace was known for his aggressive attacks on President Trump, and had a tendency to question his integrity and integrity of his own.

Wallace announced his resignation from Fox News on Friday, and in an interview on CNN Sunday morning Wallace claimed that he will no longer be a commentator on Fox, because of a disagreement he had with the network regarding the president and the current state of the country.

“I love the president. I’m sorry I disagree with him,” Wallace said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I wish we could all be, as I believe I said yesterday, good friends. But I did not see him as a friend. I saw him as a liar and a phony and someone who, for personal reasons, wanted to go after people he doesn’t like.”

Wallace continued, “I thought he was going to change his tone. I thought you would see him as more of a leader and less of a pipsqueak and that he would back off of some of these things that he said from time to time. He just wasn’t as a friend as I had hoped.”

Wallace’s decision to leave Fox came after Trump’s latest tweet sent shockwaves through the media world. The anchor posted a tweet Wednesday morning expressing his dismay at the president’s recent statements regarding the FBI and the president’s thoughts on Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

Just watched the interview with @FoxNews anchor @ChrisMueller. A disaster. The anchor was worse than bad. He was stupid. And he said so many things that were both false and ridiculous. If @realDonaldTrump’s team had any credibility left they would have fired the anchor on the spot. They were so stupid.

Wallace’s statement comes in the wake of his recent comments about President Trump. In an interview on Friday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Wallace said that Trump is being treated with “class” by the media, and that his remarks were “pretty outrageous

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