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Dog found in canyon after woman and dog disappear

Dog found in canyon after woman and dog disappear

Woman and her dog missing after mudflows slam parts of San Bernardino County, police say

Mud flows from the Stanislaus River after a strong storm early Sunday forced a mudflow in the Stanislaus National Forest, near the Los Padres National Forest west of the community of Stanislaus. (Carsen Saffo/LA Times)

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif. — Two dogs disappeared last week from a canyon, one still missing despite her owner’s pleas.

On Monday, police said a woman and her dog were found in a canyon in the Stanislaus National Forest between the community of Stanislaus and the town of Ridgecrest.

A search was launched in the area Sunday night after a strong storm and the missing dog was found, authorities said.

“We just need to find them,” said Sgt. David Fournier of the Redlands Police Department.

The dog was pulled from the canyon by a Good Samaritan who was walking in the area, police said. The dog was then returned to the woman.

The woman, who was found and was taken to a hospital, was released Monday. She was in stable condition, and the search continued.

The search for the missing woman was made more difficult by high winds and the fact that the canyon was blocked off by a mudslide, Fournier said.

“It was hard, very hard,” he said.

The woman, who was walking on the side of the canyon, told police she and her dog went missing after heavy rains caused a mudflow in the area that blocked roads and cut off access to the area, he said.

Authorities said the dog, a Labrador-Boxer mix, was found Sunday afternoon, after a Good Samaritan who had heard the woman’s dog barking alerted authorities to the dog’s whereabouts.

The woman’s dog was taken to a shelter Monday, officials said.

Fournier said the woman told him she and her dog were not in any danger

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