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Bob Iger, 75, steps down as Disney CEO after 22 years

Bob Iger, 75, steps down as Disney CEO after 22 years

Bob Iger’s tallest order at Disney: preparing his own replacement

Bob Iger was hired as Disney CEO in 2012, after a four-year stint as chairman of the board. He has been given broad duties in the company over several decades. Iger has spent his time since then in a leadership role, although he does not lead full time.

NEW YORK (AP) — Bob Iger’s tenure at Disney is coming to a close, with the future now uncertain of the man who stepped down after four years as chief executive in a dramatic fall.

The Walt Disney Company said today that Iger, 75, will step down as chief executive after 22 years of “a lifetime in leadership.”

He will be replaced by Chairman of the Board Bob Chapek, who will take on the role of CEO.

Iger told an official press briefing that he’s “grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Disney family. I hope that I have left an indelible mark on the company, in terms of its success, in terms of its commitment to our people and most importantly in terms of the world around us,” Iger said at the New York City headquarters of the company.

“I will miss our great team, and all the great things about the company,” Iger added. “This is not the end of the journey for Disney.”

His resignation announcement comes just 48 hours after Disney fired James Bogart, its chief operating officer, and replaced him with his former deputy, Robert A. Iger, the 75-year-old son of Walt Disney.

Iger, who had been considered a candidate to replace Disney CEO Dick Cook following his unexpected retirement last fall, had insisted he wanted to remain as Disney chairman. Though he was named CEO last year, he often served as chairman to help run day-to-day operations at the company.

During his career, Iger has overseen the rise of Disney. The company started as a regional theme park operator and moved into motion pictures, sports, television and other media.

Iger oversaw Walt Disney World, Disneyland and ESPN, a move that has put Disney’s stock price at a record high. And he has overseen the expansion of both the theme parks and the ESPN network.

Iger also oversaw Disney’s move from television to digital TV and the launch of the ESPN website, along with a new subscription

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