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Alex Hooper: “I think I have beaten cancer; the last two years I feel great.

Alex Hooper: “I think I have beaten cancer; the last two years I feel great.

How does ‘magical sprite’ comedian Alex Hooper fight cancer? One punchline at a time

Alex Hooper is a comedian, actor, producer and stand up. In 2011 Alex won a Young Artist Award for his work on a show about a family of magicians.

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Alex Hooper, one of the UK’s most respected comedians, has lost a lot in his battle against cancer, including having to go through treatment twice, being cut off from the world because of it, and losing a huge amount of money to his medical bills.

But he has found a positive side to his experiences – becoming a champion of breast cancer awareness.

How Alex is fighting to beat cancer

“I was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and have been on a journey to beat the disease,” says Alex.

“That journey began when I was six weeks into my chemo treatment, I had to go through a week of hospital treatments, and then five weeks in intensive care, which was quite harrowing at the time, as I was very unwell.

“I spent the first couple of months going to bed at night alone, I was so scared as I feared the worst was happening.

“The first couple of months I felt like I didn’t have the strength to complete my chemo treatment, I spent days in an induced coma in my hospital – I woke up to find my chemo had stopped, and had suffered a second severe blood sugar drop.

“This time around I have managed to get back on top of it, and have continued with my treatment, though I’ve had to go back to the hospital a couple of times – not for pain as I’ve been able to control it, but because I didn’t get the results I needed.”

The comedian now has to go to the hospital to get a blood test to get to the next stage in treatment. He says: “I think I have beaten cancer; the last two years I feel great.

“They say the first five years of a fight is the hardest, but I feel I have managed to put my head down and just keep doing it.

“I’ve been able to go out of the house a couple of times a week, but I still go to bed at night and wake up in the morning thinking if it wasn�

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